4 Key Factors To Determine The Quality Of The Frozen Squid

Squid is delicious and probably one of the famous seafood dishes you can found. But at some point, the price can be heavenly. This particular ingredient for side dishes along with drinking is easy to find. You can make your squid dish by buying the frozen Squid that is sold in many supermarkets. If you are interested to try, make sure you got to choose the good one by taking a look at its quality. How to do it? here is your answer.

How To Check The Squid Quality

1. The Taste Of The Product

If you got the chance to get the taste test, then take it for granted. The thing about frozen seafood, such as fish, squid, shrimp, or lobster is always having different taste quality depend on its preserving method and the sources. Along with the taste, you can also determine the quality through the smell of the product. For the squid, if there is a pungent smell that means there is something wrong with the freezing method. This means the product is bad.

2. The Color Of The Squid

Another giveaway of the frozen Squid quality is the color. As you can see it directly from your eyes, the appearance of the brown spots in the body is normal.  In a matter of fact, that kind of squid is the best to choose. On the other hand, the squid that appears with a pure white color with no other color might have tempered with disinfectant as sterilization. This is not a good choice. 

3. The Body Shape Of The Product

A high-quality product must have everything it should be. In this case, a great ice cold squid must have a complete body part. The head, the legs, tail, whiskers, and anything. If you got some pieces that missing some of the body parts, that means something happens to the frozen Squid. it can be the problem during the delivery, the freezing process, or anything. It is also great to choose the one that is not squashed, stretched, or twisted.

4. The Epidermis Or The Skins

Another way to determine the quality is by looking at the squid skin or epidermis. It is most likely done in the first place since you can do it even by a glance. What you should consider in this particular part is the skins should be bright. It is seen from the color and also the clarity of the epidermis. You also have to see the elasticity of the skins by touching it. If the has elastic skins then it is a good frozen Squid product. Choosing the best squid is not something that hard to do. All you need is being careful and thorough when taking a look at the product. In this case, the squid quality is also highly affected by the preserving method, the delivery, and the supplier’s ability. Choosing the best whole seller is the key to get a high-quality product. One of them is BlueFish Nusantara Indonesia that is experienced in distributing the frozen seafood product for local and international.

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