5 Most Popular Seafood Dishes In Indonesia You Should Never Miss

5 Most Popular Seafood Dishes In Indonesia You Should Never Miss

Indonesia is rich in natural resources. From the sea to the top of the mountain, many things can be transformed into delicious dishes. Because Indonesia is an archipelago country, you will find numerous seafood cuisine across the state. Especially with the high-quality supplier or distributor, the seafood restaurants are always brimming with hungry people. So, what to buy? Here is various seafood in Indonesia for you.

5 Popular Seafood Cuisine You Should Try

1. Kepiting Saus Padang, Padang

Indonesia is well known for the spices that create very flavorful cuisine. In this case, the Kepiting Saus Padang or Crab dish with Padang style sauces are one of the most popular culinary attraction. The big crab that boiled till fully cooked is served using spicy sauces that are made of garlic, ginger, shallots, chili, pepper, candlenuts, etc. This kind of dish is generally prepared with warm white rice.

2. Arsik, North Sumatra 

If you are looking for cuisine with a fish ingredient, then Arsik is the traditional food you should never miss. It is a native Sumatra people traditional cuisine that is prepared with carp and full of herb and spices. As part of various seafood in Indonesia that very tasty, this cuisine served with a whole fish that poured with a local sauce made of torch ginger and Szechuan pepper. You should go to North Sumatra to find this dish.

3. Taekwan Fish Balls, Palembang 

Fishballs that are served in Taekwan are made from a combination of tapioca, flour, and fish paste. The thick broth makes the fishball bring you deeper into the seafood world. Most of the time the soup is made of shrimp based stock that combined with garlic, scallion, jicama, dried lily flower, etc. At some location, this cuisine also served with vermicelli noodles and other ingredients. This culinary delight is usually accompanied with sambal or Indonesian chili sauce. 

4. Pempek, Palembang

The next member of various seafood in Indonesia is Pempek Palembang which is known as Indonesian fish cake. Made by tapioca and grounded fish meat, Pempek bore the tasteful of fish that served with sweet and sour sauce. Most of the time, the sauce also has accompaniment such as noodles, cucumbers, or even rice. This particular traditional snack has transformed over time with more variance of fish ingredients and taste.

5. Udang Balado, Padang

You should not forget about shrimp when talking about delightful seafood. In this case, Indonesia presents you with Udang Balado or Shrimp with Balado sauce. The dish has a sweet and sour paste made out of the spicy sauce and cooking oil. As one of the popular various seafood in Indonesia, this Balado dishes sometimes have a fiery hot taste. Nevertheless, this food will create an unforgettable aftertaste.

At least those five options are just the surface of Indonesian seafood cuisine. Indonesia is full of culinary excellency that you should explore by yourself. It is including the seafood types of foods that can be found across the state. The great quality of ingredients holds dear the taste and the food quality. In case you are looking for a top seafood distributor company, you can check out BlueFish Nusantara through their our website https://bluefishnusantara.com/. 

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