Popular Types Of Products From Fish, Shrimp, And Octopus Frozen Supplier In Indonesia

If you are looking for frozen seafood in Indonesia, you will find numerous types of products. As an archipelago country, Indonesia is filled with marine resources that provide a high variance of seafood. You can get numerous fishes, crayfish, lobster, shrimp, and octopus. With all of that option, there is no wonder that you have a hard time to choose seafood and octopus frozen supplier. To help you with that, here are the types of products to consider.

Here Are Some Of The Seafood Product You Should Consider

1. Fishes (Tuna, Skipjack, And Barramundi)

As one of the countries that rich with mineral resources, there is no doubt that there is a big range of fish types in Indonesia. From maybe thousands of variance, there are at least three famous types of fish that are consistently distributed in local and international range. They are Tuna, Barramundi, and skipjack.  The high competition between seafood supplier companies in Indonesia has made a great export number in recent years.

From the information, the fish and octopus frozen supplier tend to export a bigger portion of Barramundi fish. While the tuna and skipjack fish is also popular, but the Barramundi is especially noted. In a matter of fact, the number of barramundi export has reached up to 130 thousand tons a year. Making the highest number of export in Indonesia that reach Asia, Germany to Russia. Indonesia is even known as Barramundi exporting state. 

2. Ranges Of Shrimps

Whether it is fresh or frozen, shrimp is one of the biggest commodities that make Indonesia known as a seafood exporter country. The massive array of water areas and habitat in Indonesia provide a big number of shrimp species. Along with the big ranges of types, this particular animal also one of the most common products for seafood suppliers. That’s why shrimp is among one of the popular product seafood and octopus frozen supplier in Indonesia.

3. Lobster Or Freshwater Crayfish

Another species that popular among the seafood food and beverage business and supplier is the lobster or the freshwater crayfish. This particular species are known as high-end food materials that have a high price, profitable, and have an economical role. The two species tend to be confused. For your information, lobster habitat is in the saltwater area, while crayfish are in the freshwater area. Both of them are popular to be steamed or boiled. 

4. Octopus

Octopus is one of the last products that highly demanded around Asia. The eight-legged sea creature is popular in Mediterranean regions and Japan. But as the demand getting higher, the octopus frozen supplier is starting to distribute this particular species locally and globally. Because octopus dishes are not familiar in Indonesia, many seafood suppliers tend to widen their marketing target to other countries.

Those are some of the products that are known from Indonesia. With a great range of seafood products, Indonesia is known as one of the best suppliers and distributors of fresh and frozen seafood in the world. Of course, this achievement can be obtained with the help of high quality frozen seafood supplier in Indonesia. Bluefish Nusantara, a seafood supplier in Indonesia, dedicates themselves to take pride in serving high-quality products and services.

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