Tips On Choosing The Best Seafood Supplier Indonesia

When talking about working with a supplier, one should consider many things before sealing the deal. It getting way more serious when you are dealing with a food product such as fresh sea items. The supposed to be seafood will need a lot of care to make sure the product arrives in one piece and a great condition. While the delivery process is the actor, the supplier has the most vital role. So, here are the tips in choosing seafood supplier Indonesia.

Here Are What You Should Consider When Choosing The Seafood Wholesaler

1. High – Quality Seafood Products Offer

There is no doubt that quality is the number one consideration to take a look at. In many cases, a lot of suppliers rely on a high quantity than quality. This situation sacrifices the delivery method and the product condition that hindered due to the high number of shipping. That is why you should choose the one that prioritizes quality. This particular condition will also affect your business condition.

For example, is the demand for fresh, healthy, and high-quality seafood product.  Many consumers starting to notice that fresh seafood bore better nutrition values and taste. That is why get seafood supplier Indonesia that offers this kind of seafood product. The restaurant or food and beverage business need to select the wholesaler that trustable. It is especially needed for a frozen and right handled seafood.

2. Product Selection 

Another thing to consider is the number of selections. If your supplier is a trustworthy and well-developed company, they must have a big selection of products that you can select from. Let’s say you must choose one that matches your business need. If you are running a high-end seafood restaurant, you should get the supplier that offers complete selection. For example, lobster, salmon, mussel, cod, etc.

3. Have A Great Track Records

Track record is one of the images a certain wholesaler developed in their career. Thus it is better to take a look at check the seafood supplier Indonesia track records. You can find some of the information from the contact number stated in the distributor’s site. Or you can take a look at their customer testimonies and comment that can be found on the internet. The words stated are the depiction of the supplier’s track record. 

4. Reliability And Availability 

One important thing that every supplier should have in their back is the reliability and availability. A reliable distributor can be seen from the over the top customer service, great respond, and on-time delivery or services. It is very important especially for seafood product that has shorter expired time. Along with that, they must available 24-hours to ensure their service are always accessible for the consumer. That is why choose a reliable seafood supplier Indonesia. There is no doubt that Indonesia is filled with numerous seafood product wholesaler. In a matter of fact, this archipelago state has big marine resources. That is why you can get numerous kinds of sea products that is distributed in the whole country or even exported abroad. Bluefish Nusantara is one of the manufacturer and wholesaler for frozen and fresh fish in Indonesia supplier focusing on supplying wild sustainable and farmed species from Indonesia.

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