Indonesia Fresh and Frozen Fish Export

Indonesia is one of the leaders in the fishery industry. This country export many kinds of fishes in many countries. Tuna, grouper, and shrimp, especially black tiger shrimp are their top export products. However, when you buy wholesale fish and seafood products like this, there is one thing that you need to know. It’s the condition when this product is exported.

There are two methods used to export fish and seafood products. They are fresh and frozen. Both have different methods to ship, with advantages and disadvantages respectively.

Fresh Fish

The fresh fish is shipped in two conditions, which is alive and freshly processed. Many companies in Indonesia provide export in this two conditions.

Frozen Fish

Frozen fish can last longer in the long trip that can take weeks and even months. Therefore, this is the best way to export fish to other countries. The container for exporting the frozen fish from Indonesia is also equipped with the equipment to maintain the temperature and frozen condition of the fish.

This method is needed to fulfill the demand from other countries that want to get the best-quality fish and seafood products from Indonesia.

Indonesia is one of the top wholesale frozen fish suppliers, not only in Asia but also in the world.

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